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Bed Bugs - How Serious is the Problem?

Over last few weeks, everyone has been talking about the same concern - reports of bed bugs infesting Paris, and the potential spread of these pests to London. While bed bugs are not unfamiliar to pest controllers in the UK - typically, they are brought into the city via luggage, making hostels, particularly those popular with travellers and backpackers, susceptible to infestations.

However, there is mounting evidence of bed bugs being found in the homes of individuals who haven't recently travelled, suggesting that the issue may be more complex than people bringing them back. One hypothesis is that public transport could be a source of concern, as it has been widely reported in Paris.

According to a report by The Guardian, specially trained dogs are used to sniff out bedbugs in cracks and crevices in bedrooms. According to them, ‘’the spread of bedbugs declined during the Covid crisis as hotels closed and travel ground to a halt but, since the world reopened, dormant populations have begun to bounce back, if not yet to the level reached before the pandemic’’.

Although encountering these insects on public transport is still rare, we are diligent and are prepared to disinfect any area where there is even the slightest doubt.

Early detection is always advantageous when dealing with bed bugs, and considering the heightened risk, it might be prudent to take proactive measures in your workplace. One proactive approach is to implement bed bug monitoring within your offices. This can involve the installation of discreet and dedicated bed bug monitors, with regular inspections scheduled every four weeks to identify any signs of infestation. These monitors should be strategically placed in high-risk areas, including:

  • Receptions

  • Staff rooms

  • Lockers and changing rooms

  • Breakout areas

  • Security and other offices

  • Cloakrooms

  • Areas where bags or personal effects are stored

In the event that bed bugs are detected, a prompt and effective treatment can be implemented. If you would like more information or are interested in establishing a monitoring program for your workplace, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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