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What sets Hive apart?

It’s easy to assume that all the cleaning companies in the current saturated market provide a similar service, because they all do pretty much the same thing: you come to an agreement, the cleaning crew turns up and cleans, then repeat. But as everyone knows, the devil is in the details.

We understand our customers are busy and the last thing they want to have to do is spend hours managing the cleaning contract. At Hive we have created a sophisticated and comprehensive service structure which sets us apart from everyone else in the market and provides an entirely new, bespoke approach to commercial cleaning. Below are the aspects which make Hive so unique:

  • We keep our service as hassle free as possible by having cleaners that care about the service, are well trained, well paid and are supported by our excellent supervision team.

  • We closely and carefully manage our quality: 9 times out of 10 we’ll find any problems before you do and fix them before you even notice.

  • You will have your own dedicated account manager 24x7, who you can reach literally at any time for any reason.

  • The latest transparent, cloudbased quality auditing technology means that you can follow the progress of cleaning in real time from the comfort of your desk or smart phone.

  • Our dedication to our team and fair pay mean we have excellent retention rates and seriously dedicated employees.

All these elements create a smooth and effective service, with minimum disruption to you. We pride ourselves on being efficient, effective, consistent and transparent.

Give us a call and see for yourself! 020 7993 6000

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