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Another Successful Planet Mark Certification

We have been working with The Planet Mark, to measure and reduce our Carbon Footprint for the 6th year in a row. We have managed to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by consistently documenting all our emissions and following the targets set for us.

As a fast-growing and young company, it makes more sense for us to measure our carbon footprint normalised against our number of employees and we're delighted that we have achieved 80% reduction per employee since 2018.

For six years, we have been measuring our full Scope 1 and 2, and partial Scope 3 emissions with the Planet Mark, and this year we have completely removed gas from our emissions, and use only renewable energy for our head office. Our fleet is 100% electric, charged only by renewable energy too.

We also report on waste, business travel, water use and paper procurement as well as a part of Scope 3 measurements and are pleased to see how our sustainability and carbon reduction strategy works in reducing our overall footprint.

We deeply care about the planet and people and are delighted to see that we are contributing to a wide range of UN Sustainable Development Goals

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