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Our high standards of cleaning & exceptional service are based on expert recruitment, advanced training systems, investment in staff and sustainable, efficient working practices.
We are proud to be the Highest Scoring B Corp certified cleaning company in the UK. With an Amazing Impact Score  of 108.5
We are Carbon Net Zero scope 1 & 2 and are on target to achieve Net Zero accross scope 1, 2 and 3 by 2025, having reduced emissions as much as possible and compensating for any unavoidable CO2.
Net Zero
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We are returning a meadowland in Devon, to a traditional broadleaf forest, called Hive Wood.

Another landmark initiative is using a portion of profit from every contract to protect polinators. Our Kennington Park apiary houses over 1 million urban bees.
We are proud to always pay above the London Living Wage to every employee. We have been a certified London Living Wage employer since 2017. 

We make sure our team are well-trained, well rewarded and highly motivated.
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Our transparent and ethical governance is supported by our workforce, stakeholders and management. 55% of our management team and 72% of overall company are women. We proudly represent 27 ethnicities and ages ranging from 18-80.
We are early adopters and implementers of green technologies, such as Toucan Eco, iMop, Seep Sponges etc. 

We are constantly looking for low carbon and zero plastic supplies and solutions for our operations. 
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Since our baseline year of 2017 we collect, measure and share our data relating to sustainability and our company's impact.  
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