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Gifts and Honey Jars

Our account manager Lorna Brown was out yesterday, handing out some gift vouchers and honey from our apiary to some of our staff members:

✨ Veselina Popova works at Next Energy Capital on 75 Grosvenor Street.

Her consistently hard work and high cleaning standards have greatly impressed the clients.

It was her birthday on Saturday so we surprised her with a gift voucher and some honey to thank her for her continued hard work!


✨ Lola Kanto is a jack of all trades who has worked with us on many projects.

Currently, she is a permanent team member of the prestigious FORA 20 Grosvenor Street which have exceedingly high standards and cleaners always need to have a keen eye for detail.

She’s doing a brilliant job, and we are very lucky to have her.


✨ Ana Christina is a consistently hard worker who is always open to hearing constructive criticism.

She is a quick adapter and always keen to impress! Recently she has been impressing supervisors with her initiative and positive attitude especially.

Her eye for detail makes her a brilliant addition to the team at FORA 20 Grosvenor Street. Keep it up, Ana!

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