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Hive Wood: Year 2

Our reforestation and rewilding program in North Devon, transforming a meadow back into native woodland, affectionately named Hive Wood, is in its second year.

Fittingly enough it was B Corp Month and we were proud to confirm our sustainability and ethical credentials as the leading B Corp cleaning company in the country.

The plan this year was to plant 500 more trees and restore another 100 metres of ancient hedgerow, and it was fantastic to embark on this journey last Friday with a group of staff members, suppliers, clients and friends. 

Another exciting task on the task list for this year was creating a roped area around the remains of a Bronze Age fort. 

We were briefed by our forestry expert and project manager, Stuart Brooking. Then armed with enthusiasm, high spirits and shovels his team showed us how to plant the various native species of trees, understand the correct positions and distances etc - there is a lot more to planting trees than you think!

We were really lucky with the weather and some of us even caught a bit of sun!

By late afternoon, all tasks were neatly completed and everything was packed up. A well-deserved meal, accompanied by a few drinks at the bar, awaited us at the splendid Red Lion hotel, perfectly topping off the day.


Our mailboxes were full with impressions, handwritten notes and feedback the next day and we’d like to share some here:

Taylor Farrimond,

European Operations Manager - Industrious


It is great to be part of a company that does so much to help people and the planet. I am so proud of what we do and how we do it. Thanks you for giving me the opportunity to be part of Hive Wood”

Lorna Brown, Account Manager, Hive Cleaning Ltd


"Really appreciated the invitation to help build Hive Wood – I had SUCH a blast. Look forward to hopefully crossing paths soon!"

Andrew Griffits, Director of Policy and Partnerships, Planet Mark 

See Andrew's thoughtful post about the day on LinkedIn here.


It’s a brilliant thing you are creating.

Bob Harper, Retired


"Nikki and I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It was wonderful to meet everyone, what a great bunch of people, we had such fun and lots of laughter all weekend!!

We had a firmwide update yesterday and shared her video of Clovelly and the pictures of the volunteering – she has now been tasked at looking for a similar project in Chicago, they thought it was absolutely amazing!”

Amanda Davis, Office Manager, Sharpe Pritchard LLP


"We really enjoyed spending time helping you at Hive Wood, you brought together a great bunch of people, well done!!! You’re really achieving great things and we have come away very inspired, thank you!!!"

Marc Kemp,

Managing Director, Futures Supplies

Here is Marc's post on their website.


"I had a wonderful time. Many thanks"

Marcus Adams,

Managing Partner, JPT Architects 


“While being a very nice social and volunteering occasion, the reforestation of Hive Wood is an important part of our environmental and biodiversity strategy. 

This project contributes to biodiversity conservation by restoring habitats for native flora and fauna. Reforestation enhances the ecological balance, providing food and shelter for various species, some of which are endangered or in decline due to habitat loss. The reforested area will absorb and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help mitigate climate change. Furthermore, reforestation and rewilding programs have the potential to improve soil quality, prevent erosion and enhance the beauty of the natural environment.

We are delighted at the positive response and number of volunteers joining us on this project and are already looking forward to next year”

Louis Beaumont

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