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Switching to more sustainable choices

We have been working with Futures Supplies and Support Services for several years now, constantly learning from each other and exchanging ideas and we'd like to share their latest innovation.

They are continuing in making headway making sustainable product switches, by replacing their Lucy Mop Buckets and TC20 Kentucky Buckets with recycled plastic versions, alongside our own recycled plastic Hive floor signs - helping the planet and at no additional cost!

The world’s natural resources are finite, and some are in very short supply. SYR recognised that in manufacturing products made using recycled plastic they could reduce the use of fossil fuel hydrocarbons, reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

The SYR SWITCH range uses waste materials destined for landfill, recycled plastics, regrind plastics and thoughtful design to allow you to be kinder to the environment, without compromising your pocket or the quality of work completed.

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