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Some surprising recycling tips from the National Recycling Guidelines

Recycling across the UK is at record levels however so is the amount of recyclable waste being rejected meaning hundreds of thousands of tonnes of contaminated waste is being sent to landfill. This has led to industry specialist to collaborate to draw up The National Recycling Guidelines.

Here are a few tips to help make sure your recycling matters

  • With the Christmas card season coming up remember that glitter cannot be removed during the recycling process so Greetings cards or wrapping paper with glitter can’t be recycled unless the glittered section is removed

  • When recycling junk mail, the plastic wrapping must be removed

  • You can leave labels and lids on glass jars and bottles in fact by putting the lids/caps back on it reduces the chance of them getting lost through the sorting process

  • Food contaminated waste must not be put in the recycle bin

For the full guidelines please take a look at Wrap Recycling Guidelines

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