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B Corp Celebration at the Natural History Museum

If you follow our news, you will know that we have recently become a B Corp-certified company with a score of 108.5 – an achievement that we are very proud of as a young company.

Britain has a fast-growing community of sustainable businesses and recently it

was announced that the number of Certified B Corporations has reached 1,000.

B Corporations (or B Corps) are businesses verified to high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Based on their comparisons with the traditional business, B Lab concludes that:

- B Corps are strong performers.

Compared to traditional businesses, B Lab UK data shows that B Corps have faster growth in turnover and employee headcount, greater levels of employee retention, engagement, and diversity, and higher levels of innovation.

- B Corps deliver a positive impact for all stakeholders.

B Corps commit to measuring and managing their impact on workers, customers, and communities as well as shareholders.

- B Corps are equipped to step up to the scale of challenges we face.

Mission-led businesses are more likely to be reducing the burden of the cost of living crisis for their employees, suppliers and local community and take steps to reduce their impact on climate change and the environment.

- B Corps are the proof behind the campaign to change the law with the Better Business Act.

This is now backed by over 1,500 businesses. Seven in ten (72%) of the UK public believe business should have a legal responsibility to people and the planet, alongside maximising profit.

B Lab UK brought together the first 1,000 B Corps for a milestone event at the Natural History Museum on 24th November and the Hive team joined to celebrate with our fellow B Corps.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening – including great music, food and drink and it was inspiring to hear all the speeches. It was fun to wander around the hall with all the stalls and some fantastic products for our goodie bags (the Hive team, predictably, concentrated on G&Ts and chocolate). And of course, our highlight was the location itself - the fabulous Natural History Museum building and having a drink amongst the dinosaur skeletons.

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