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Hive Update

As most of our followers know, we adopt a beehive with every new contract and we love getting update from the wonderful Bee Urban and wanted to share the last one with you.

"We lost one of the colonies during the winter. We have rehomed a colony into the new hive and will have bees in a third hive in the next few weeks. It has been a cold start to spring but all the hives have been very busy on the brighter sunny days. We have started to do regular hive inspections to check the health of the colonies, early spring/summer is the time when honey bees have there swarming season 'they start to raise new queen bee, forcing the old queen out of the hive with a large group of loyal worker bees to find a new nest to start a colony' We will be monitoring signs of the bees starting to do this, as part of our hive inspections."

Get in touch with us if you'd like to join this initiative and adopt a beehive through us.

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