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A Parcel of Meadow Land!

To celebrate the Earth Day this year on April 22, and its theme - Invest in Our Planet, we are pleased to announce that we have acquired a parcel of meadow in Devon which we will begin returning to traditional hardwood forest over the next 15 years.

Our primary goals are to enhance biodiversity, restore habitat and improve the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Secondly, the tree planting will be registered with the Woodland Carbon Code and be used to sequester the small amount of carbon generated by the business each year. On top of this, we will plant a minimum of 100 additional trees per year to sequester additional carbon from the atmosphere.

We are currently researching and planning the development of the land. The planting will start in the spring next year and we will be posting regular updates throughout the year. We are so thrilled about getting involved in this exciting eco project and Leo and Loki the office dogs loved the fresh air!

Please email us to us if you'd like to be involved in planting or want to learn more.

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