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Most Improved Cleaning Operative 2021 - Gyorgy Barany

We are excited to announce another winner of the Hill Club cleaning industry awards, Gyorgy Barany and would like to share our submission text for his nomination below.

Gyorgy joined the company in April 2020. He was new to the industry and knew very little about commercial cleaning, but he had a great attitude and a desire to learn. He started working on a static site as part of a team and continued to grow his practical skills and knowledge with help from the other cleaners and supervisor. In July 2020 we had a vacancy for a Mobile Cleaner in the company. Arguably this cleaning role is one of the most challenging as it involves looking after different sites each week. Having showed continuous improvement, boundless enthusiasm and lots of initiative Gyorgy was awarded the position and we are pleased to say has been hugely successful in the role and is now, arguably one of the best cleaners in the company.

Since being appointed in the role we have never received so much positive feedback from customers regarding a mobile cleaner.

“Hi all, I just wanted to relay a comment from our main building reception regarding our morning cover cleaner Gyorgy. Please see below. As you are aware, I have already sent you over my comments, but nice to receive from someone else. An asset to Hive.”

“Good Morning Christopher, I wanted to say a huge thank you for arranging for Gyorgy to come and help us this week! He was really great and shows what a good company you are”

“Just wanted to say that the mobile chap Gyorgy is an outstanding cleaner, it was a pleasure to have him on site, always helpful and looking for things to improve on, very polite and positive young man.”

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