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Eco Friendly Graffiti Removal

The word ‘graffiti’ comes from the Greek 'graphein' – meaning ‘to write’. It has steadily become a part of contemporary art and culture, street art being an excellent public way of raising all sorts of social justice issues and sending political messages. Street artists like Banksy, King Robbo or Stik have their own style and their works are collected or exhibited in galleries.

However not all graffiti is meaningful or aesthetically valuable, and the spray cans are simply used for defacement of buildings. Often, it’s purely unsightly or offensive vandalism, using toxic paint. Whilst we wouldn’t touch a Bansky, we are extremely efficient in removing graffiti which was done without your permission and approval.

We use eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals and advanced pressure removal techniques to completely remove all traces of graffiti. We can even apply a barrier coating to make it easier to remove graffiti should it ever happen again.

In our experience if you remove graffiti quickly once found and continue to manage removal effectively it deters future vandalism.

Get in touch with us on 020 7993 6000 if you need our help to remove graffiti from your building.

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