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All About Eve

Eve Crowley is having a beautiful week. Everyone at Hive is loving the job she does, she’s been offered more work and the hostel she’s staying in at the moment told her she’s the best breakfast chef they’ve ever had.

On top of all this, a little Christmas miracle happened 2 days ago – she won £500 cash in our prize draw. Hive organised the Christmas Draw to reward our cleaners for actively participating in our new video training platform.

Eve Crowley and Louis Beaumont

We contacted Eve and asked her to tell us a bit more about herself as we wanted to share her story to our followers.

Whilst Eve has a solid background and experience in the cleaning industry and could have worked for any other company, she chose to work for Hive. ''It’s the beehives’'' she says ''when I learned they adopt a beehive with every new contract, it intrigued me and attracted my attention, as it’s such an important thing to do for the bee population. I also liked that they use chemical free products and the company is very environmentally friendly’'.

Eve is so enthusiastic about the training programme and is a very deserved winner. “It’s a great initiative and easy for everyone to use”.

‘'One of my favourite aspects of this job are the clients'’, she adds ‘they are all different and interesting – media companies, magazines, architects etc., in some interesting parts of London and in beautiful buildings. So every time I finish a job, I feel a genuine sense of pride for being entrusted to look after such lovely spaces’'.

Eve says she enjoys her job as she likes to create order and “it is gratifying to walk into chaos and by the time you finish, everything is left in perfect order”. It sounds like she’s her own harshest judge and says for her it’s extremely important to give 100% whatever she’s doing, however small or major the job.'‘It’s my reputation'’, she says with lots of pride in her voice, and you can feel how much energy and determination this lady has.

She shares her plans about how she’s going to use the £500 she won – most of it is going to be used for a deposit for a place so she can move out from the hostel. ''But I’m going to buy new nice outfit for me too''.

We wish Eve the very best of luck and hope 2019 will be a great year for her. Hive are very happy to have another hard working, team player in the business.

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