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Cleaning the Regent's Canal

All of us have enjoyed some nice walks by the beautiful London canals and basins, but all of us have also seen how much plastic and rubbish is floating in them. Both as individuals and as a company, we have always been invested in keeping London’s waterways clean. For several years we have put aside volunteering days to clean the Regents Canal, where we have joined forces with the all-electric GoBoat company.

As a B Corp-certified company, we feel strongly about our social and environmental responsibility for the planet - we even took our B Corp We Go Beyond poster with us!

This year, we organised a volunteering day for the management team on 10 October and we were very lucky with the weather. We started in the Paddington Basin and worked our way to Camden Lock. We were amazed how much plastic was floating in the canal and ended up removing over 30kg of plastic waste.

We even became a bit of a tourist attraction and it was heartwarming to see the people strolling by the canal cheering us on.

And to finish, here is an arty shot of our area manager Riyaaz navigating the boat to the light at the end of the tunnel...

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