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Our Response to Covid-19

As a cleaning company we have been at the forefront of providing essential services during the pandemic. Since March, our presence has been crucial at a number of client premises, making sure that their workplace is not only tidy and neat, but also sanitised to the highest standard to prevent the spread of the virus.

The process of dealing with the effects of COVID-19 started with a bespoke training programme developed by our senior leadership team in conjunction with the state of the art UhUb platform.

All employees have now successfully completed the training and fully understand the safety protocols for cleaning during the pandemic.

They learned about how to avoid risks and keeping themselves safe, anti-viral sanitising, along with a detailed breakdown of the COVID-19 secure office space standard.

One of our crucial tasks now is to make sure that occupiers are safe in this current COVID-19 environment. To this end we have carried out numerous reoccupation deep cleans and provide anti-viral touch point sanitising to all existing customers free of charge.

We give all our employees FFP2 filtered face masks, face shields, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser gel, to help keep them safe outside work and when commuting. Along with ideas for alternative methods of commuting which avoids the use of public transport.

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