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New London Living Wage

Today, on 11 November, new Living Wage rates were announced. More than 210,000 workers are set to receive a pay rise after higher rates of £9.30 an hour and £10.75 an hour in London were announced today at the start of Living Wage Week!

This has an important impact for our employees as everyone at Hive receives at least London Living Wage. We've always been committed to paying everyone London Living Wage and are very proud to be one of only 6 cleaning companies in London to pay a fair wage to our cleaners.

Read the story from BBC News about today's rise here.

Our managers Louis and Chris were at the announcement this morning and were pleased to communicate to our staff that their wages are now higher. ''It's absolutely crucial for us to be an ethical employer, treat our staff well and pay them a fair wage''.

It was great to chat to the London Mayor Sadiq Khan, hear his encouraging words and tell him all about our work.

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