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Rosedown Meadow to Hive Wood

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a parcel of meadow land, which we will begin returning back to traditional broadleaf forest over the next 15 years and have renamed it Hive Wood.

The groundbreaking reforestation and rewilding programme of Rosedown Meadow in Devon, starts In March 2023, supported by a local woodland management company.

The primary goals are to remove Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, improve the natural beauty of the surrounding area, enhance biodiversity, and restore habitat.

The tree planting will be registered with the Woodland Carbon Code and used to sequester the small amount of carbon generated by the business each year. We will also plant a minimum of 200 additional trees per year to sequester additional carbon from the atmosphere.

As a part of our wider ESG strategy, we are committed to the following charter:

Restore ancient hedgerows around the boundary

● Only plant local native broadleaf tree species

● Measure the sequestered carbon via Carbon Trust

● Never sell the carbon credits

● Never fell the trees except to manage the wood

● Improve biodiversity and a haven for flora & fauna

● Use Hive Wood to promote biodiversity and carbon reduction

Here are some species of trees that we planning to plant this March.

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