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Tips to a Sparkling Clean Extractor Hood

Extractor hoods have to be cleaned regularly for health and safety reasons. Grease can build up around the hood, creating a fire hazard, plus the warm damp conditions are perfect for bacteria to grow follow these simple cleaning tips to keep your extractor sparkling clean.

Safety First - always make sure that the extractor is turned off and you are wearing rubber gloves

Use a grease remover such as vinegar in hot soapy water; a splash of vinegar is all you need to make sure your not just moving the grease around. Leave the metal filter from your extractor to soak for as long as possible before wiping away dirt and leaving to dry.

A greasy residue often settles all over the exterior of the hood even if it looks relatively clean it can be sticky to the touch. If left to build us this residue can be tricky to remove, so the best policy is regular wipe downs with a soapy water and vinegar mix. Why not try using lemon, it has the acidity to cut through the grease, is natural and smells great. Finish by wiping with a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

For more stubborn grease build-ups more concentrated vinegar mixes can be used or stronger chemical detergents or give us a call to arrange a deep professional clean.

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