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Winter Is Coming

Shorter days, festive shop fronts, cold and rain - all sure signs winter is upon us! Which inevitably brings with it flu and cold season.

The COVID pandemic taught everyone the importance of good cleaning standards and cleanliness, and at Hive we are absolute experts!

Our cleaning service is always very thorough, which has never been more important.

The groundbreaking Toucan Eco technology that we already use across the company, guarantees that 99% of all harmful bacteria are killed during our surface cleaning.

We have also introduced special protocols, ensuring that touch points, desks, keyboards, phones, door and window handles, printers etc are given additional attention.

However if you’d like another layer of reassurance we also provide winter deep cleaning, keyboard deep cleaning and anti viral fogging services during the winter months.

*Fogging applies a non-toxic protective layer to all the surfaces - see the poster below.


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