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Show Your Office Some Love with a Professional Clean This Valentine’s Day

Your office will love a professional clean this Valentine’s Day.

What says love like a thorough professional clean? Maybe not something to try on your significant other, your office will absolutely adore a professional office clean this Valentine’s Day. Make it feel young again with Hive Cleaning and it will make you feel as happy as the day you met — uh… moved in.

Most people think Valentine’s Day was invented by someone trying to make money out of cards and roses. It wasn’t. Valentine’s Day can actually be traced through a tangled web of myths and tradition both pagan and Christian but the most popular origins date back to a temple priest named, not surprisingly, Valentine, (later-to-be-canonized a saint) who was executed in 270 A.D. by Emperor Claudius II.

His great crime was performing illegal marriage ceremonies on the Roman battlefield. Emperor Claudius II was military-minded and believed weddings were bad for war and made it illegal for soldiers to marry.

Imprisoned for his battlefield-betrothing ways, Valentine, a man of many talents, supposedly healed the blind daughter of his jailer while incarcerated and, the night before his execution, gave the newly sighted young lass a hand-written card signed — you guessed it — “From Your Valentine.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day we are sharing the love by offering 10% off all spring cleans in February. (Central London Only)

To find out more call Hive Cleaning Ltd 020 7993 6000 or email

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