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UhUb training

Training and development of our staff is extremely important to us and the UhUb platform seemed to suggest the perfect solution: training content based on industry recognised best practice and methods; and lessons consisting of a series of short videos and tests.

It's extremely easy to use, the cleaners can train on their own device and they are assessed for each module before the next is unlocked and certificates awarded. Also, using UhUb earns points which can be exchanged for rewards.

It looks like most of our cleaners enjoyed the training, and found it accessible and helpful. Team Hive was very successful at the full launch of the new video platform, UhUb - almost immediately after receiving an 'Engaged Business'a certificate to prove it, we got even better recognition this week, as a 'Higher Engaged Business'

We are so proud of everyone participating and to reward them, we had put aside some cash for 16 winners, which were decided by a random prize draw.

Eve Crowley received the main prize of £500, 5 more people won £100 each, and we also had 10 winners of £50 - see some pictures of our winners below.

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