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Shining Results: Summarising Our Team Survey

We understand the importance of having clear and effective communication channels with 

our amazing team. We converse with our colleagues throughout the company regularly and respond to their questions, opinions, and feedback. As an added tool in our arsenal to ensure people are heard, we also send out a survey twice a year to gather more comprehensive information on their wellbeing and happiness. 

We have summarised the findings of our latest survey and are delighted with the response. Over 75% of the company took the time to complete the survey and we are over the moon that the results show even higher engagement and higher staff satisfaction levels than last year. 

We asked our cleaners to rank our statements as Strongly Disagree - Disagree - Neutral - Agree - Strongly Agree

It goes to show how seriously we take team welfare and satisfaction, that we did not receive a single negative result or comment and there were lots of warm words about our supervision and the management teams. 

 “This is my first job as a worker in London. I am enjoying the job and I am happy the way Hive Company treats us. Good to be here. And planning to work here for long.”

“I have worked for Hive since November 2023 I have been treated so well and know if I need any support I just have to call. I enjoy my job very much, I feel appreciated and part of a team so thank you.”

“Great company, friendly supervisors.  

I love the fact that the company provides full training and great opportunities for us to grow, 

I love Anita and Lorna for all the support they gave me!”

“I love working for Hive. My manager and supervisor are always there when I need them. Love the hours and the flexibility that the job comes with too. Great company to work for.”

“I am feeling very good in this company, they support me, and my experiences are great.”

“I am more or less a new employee but I felt I have been in the company for a long time. More so, I have an amazing manager Anita, who understands my feeling and is connected with my ways of doing thing. I will say from the depth of my heart - thank you Anita.”

As a committed B Corp and a London Living Wage Employer, we dedicate lots of time and resources towards our team, through market-leading pay rates, training, and career advancement opportunities.

See the results of the survey and some quotes below. 

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