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Sparkle Clean at Fora

FORA Offices are amazing work-spaces that truly embrace modern working life. They provide premium, hospitality-focused serviced offices, open and owned desks at over a dozen locations in central London.

Our close working relationship with FORA goes back a couple of years, when we started cleaning their Folgate Street building. We thoroughly enjoy working with a client whose ethos and environmental values fit so well with our own and we’re very pleased so say that the feeling is mutual.

At the moment we are looking after 5 Fora buildings at various locations across the capital. Our very exciting latest addition is their new flagship in Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch.

The contract came with a huge challenge – complete a Sparkle Clean of the 6 storey building in 1 weekend ready for launch. It was a really tough couple of days for the 25 or so team members, and the biggest sparkle clean Hive have done to date, but the results achieved are incredible.

For those of you that have never heard the term ‘Sparkle Clean’ it is basically a highly detailed deep clean from floor to ceiling. The aim is to leave the building looking as clean and amazing as it can possibly be. Often these cleans are done after construction has finished, so you can imagine how dusty and difficult this can be.

We are an extremely environmentally conscious company and only use Eco-friendly non-toxic products and deploy lots of green technology such as the iVac and iMop (state of the art chemical free floor cleaning machines) when cleaning. So the air and the surfaces we clean are sparkly yet safe.

We hope that the new residents are excited and pleased with their new home when they start work this week. The biggest thank you goes to our fantastic sparkle team and their team leader Carolina, who were committed, professional and worked amazingly hard.

Everyone had a huge smile on their face after the successful completion of this gigantic task. We are so proud of our cleaners’ hard work and attention to detail.

Now all we need to do is keep it looking as amazing as this every day from now on. I know Team Hive are up to the challenge!


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