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Chrome Taps Tarnished?

I was in a lovely restaurant in Westfield shopping centre this weekend. When I popped to the loo I was surprised to see their beautiful and no doubt expensive fit out was dragged down by tarnished and limescaled chrome taps.

These taps would look stunning but the chrome has been scratched and damaged due to the use of strong acidic descalers and abrasive scourers.

If they had only spoken to Hive for free advice and we could have pointed them in the right direction.

It is a fallacy that you need to use strong acids to break down lime scale on taps.

At Hive Cleaning we have found a

biodegradable non-hazardous cleaning agent to break limnescale down quickly and effectively without causing any damage to the surface.

Want to know more? Please give us a call on 020 7993 6000.

We are very happy to help.

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